Wash moving heads

Dts Alchemy 5

ALCHEMY 5 is a high performance LED wash moving head that garantee high luminosity coupled with a superior quality of light, both in white lights in which an accurate color rendering is assured, and i...


WONDER.D is the most powerful WASH LED projector. Its exclusive double concentric optical system with different linear zoom ranges, provides an adjustable hotspot useful to get an unprecedented evenly...

Dts Nick nrg 1401

NICK NRG 1401 is a high performance LED wash moving head: extreme brightness, single pixel control, and 4° to 52° zoom range make this fixture perfect in a range of applications, either as a beam ligh...

Dts Nick Nrg 1201

NICK NRG 1201 is the most versatile and bright WASH LED moving head in its range, suitable for all top applications. A perfect color mixing and a uniform projection make NRG 1201 the best choice on ...

Dts NICK NRG 801

NICK NRG 801 is the smallest and most compact WASH LED projector in its range; it delivers a massive luminosity combined with a linear 8° - 50° zoom that makes it suitable for small to medium venues. ...

Dts NICK NRG 501

NICK NRG 501 is a powerful Beam/Wash LED projector; it employs a new-generation optical system featuring a 3,5° - 52° motorized zoom. NICK NRG 501 can be used either as a wash light thanks to its top-...

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