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The self-powered coaxial P Series fulfills the highest audio expectations for a broad range of professional sound reinforcement applications. Combining the benefits of on-board amplification and DSP, the P Series offers comprehensive transducer protection, a precise system drive engine and an optimized on-board preset library.

Perfect for live monitoring, the 108P boasts a sonic signature similar to a large format system and the 112P easily handles a variety of stage monitoring, compact FOH and fill applications. Both can be deployed with the SB15P subwoofer when low frequency extension is required.

Rental businesses appreciate the P Series for its low system set-up costs, as well as the simplified logistics, storage, handling, transportation and inventory management it offers.

“The 108P coax has a great full-bandwidth sound. But it’s also flexible enough that if I have a band that needs some small wedges, or I want to throw a few of them up on sticks, these can handle those situations just as well. The 108P adds a greater level of creativity and versatility to our inventory.”

William Nealie,
Director, Creative Technology

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