Profile moving heads

Spot/Beam moving heads

Wash moving heads

LED Bars

Outdoor • LEDs

Indoor • LEDs

Underwater • LEDs

Conventional projectors • LEDs

Conventional projectors • Lamp

LED drivers



DTS R&D Dept. plans and designs the new product generations, using the most advanced mechanical, optical and electronic design tools available. But the true research on new products starts outside, closely collaborating with the professionals working every day in the field.


DTS products are 100% designed, manufactured and assembled at the DTS plants in ITALY using advanced automation, including numerical-control machines and robots. We kept on enhancing our production process over the years making significant investments in new technologies.


We strive for the pursuit of total product quality at every stage of its realization. For this purpose we have hired professionals with extensive experience and specific skills, and – by means of new workstations specifically installed – we have introduced the most advanced testing procedures.